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peer-review-in-nursing-bookPeer Review in Nursing: Principles for a Successful Practice is the first nursing publication that approaches the definition and implementation strategies for peer review within an organizational setting. Using a professional model, with shared governance as a framework, the authors discuss the difference between manger initiated staff performance evaluation of the past and the true peer review aspects of professional practice for the future. This text follows in line with the Magnet program requirement “that nurses at all levels use self appraisal performance review and peer review, including annual goal settings, for the assurance of competence and professional development” page 30 of the 2008 Magnet manual. This unique text teaches nurses the skills they need to demonstrate organizational processes, structures, and outcomes that help insure accountability, competence and autonomy.

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Nursing Peer Review: A Toolkit for the Peer Review Domain of Quality & Safety

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This toolkit focuses on the peer review domain of Quality and Safety. Best practices and use of evidence-based approaches are provided to assist organizations in the application of effective peer review practices that create and sustain enhanced quality and safety outcomes. This text is a companion piece to the authoritative publication Peer Review in Nursing: Principles for Successful Practice (Haag-Heitman & George, 2011).


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Clinical Practice Development Workbook:
Using Novice to Expert Theory

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This book is a case study describing the journey of one organization to design, implement and sustain a peer review program for clinical nurses using Benner’s novice to expert developmental framework. Benner’s novice to expert framework, based on the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition, is the only evidence based professional development framework for the discipline of nursing.  This text can be used as a workbook as it contains many detailed processes, tools and outcomes measures to guide development and implementation.

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Free Resources (PDF):

Contemporary Peer Review Principles

The six contemporary peer review principles with supporting excerpts from the 1988 ANA Peer Review Guidelines.

NCP Peer Review Publications

A comprehensive list of books and journal articles related to Peer Review authored by NCP Consultants.

Implementing Shared Governance in Rehabilitation Services

This article presents the background, key steps, and outcomes achieved by moving to a shared decision making model.