NCP Resource Guide

The NCP Resource Guide is an easily accessible e-book of resources to help you prepare for Magnet® designation & redesignation, full of information, tips, tools & templates to download for use in your own organization. Tools offer direction to navigate the journey. Tips provide insight to avoid roadblocks ahead. Templates provide a systematic road map to success. Checklists help you plan all of the details.



Five Chapters:

1) Getting Started: How to conduct a readiness assessment & sort out data requirements
2) Developing the Team: How to choose the right MPD & create a winning Magnet Team
3) Educating Everyone: How to reach every audience about the real meaning of your journey with actual PowerPoint Presentations
4) Writing the Document: Tips, templates & audit tools for collecting & presenting the right examples
5) Preparing for the Site Visit: Sample agendas & interview questions & NC”P’s” for a perfect site visit

Digital Format: PDF