Figure 1: Preamble – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Management Structure

Shared Governance is a collaborative management structure that enhances staff involvement and participation in decision making. The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department supports and uses a shared governance structure in which rehabilitation practice issues are identified and decisions are made at the professional level. Communication is facilitated by a matrix of five councils. The Practice, Quality, Education, and Management Councils are empowered with the authority and accountability to create, change, or restructure the practice of rehabilitation disciplines and the rehabilitation standards of care for patients. The Coordinating Council coordinates the activities of all councils, advises the councils on system-strategic initiatives and defines the goals of the department. The roles and accountabilities for these councils are defined in written guiding principles and individual council responsibilities.

Professional disciplines represented in this structure include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Pathology, Athletic Training, and both Psychology and Vocational Rehabilitation as they relate to the department. Decisions made by these councils will be congruent with the philosophy of (the organization) and will be consistent with the mission, vision and values of (the healthcare system) and will be within the scopes of service for these rehabilitation disciplines as defined by regulatory agencies.

All professional staff within these disciplines are members of the shared governance structure. Membership at large approves the guiding principles, council responsibilities, and shared governance bylaws; identifies and directs issues to the appropriate council for consideration; and elects representatives to the councils by membership vote.

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